Looking For The Best In Small Luxury RV Rental?

The Airstream Interstate Lounge EXT is changing the way we look at campervans. With luxurious amenities and the elegant finish, this is simply an apartment with wheels. This RV from Mercedes Benz offers comfortable space for up to 9 people and can be used for grand touring or glamour camping.

The rear seats will fold to form a king size bed for those who want to sleep in this luxurious RV. The sleeping area can comfortably accommodate two people. The fun does not end in the exquisite 16-FP-Interstate-Lounge-vappearance; you will have an easy time driving the vehicle which is fuel efficient at 22 mpg. Anyone who can drive an SUV without any problems will have it easy driving the Mercedes Airstream Interstate Lounge. This vehicle boasts of the smoothness and solidness offered by Mercedes and will cruise at 75 mph on the highway and comfortably move around town fitting in small parking spaces.

If you are interested in making your touring more comfortable and fun, which is what everyone wants, then you will love the Airstream Interstate Lounge EXT 2015. Whether you want to try the vehicle before buying one or you want to use it on a rental basis, Elegant RV will help you meet your needs.

The campervan comes with a bathroom complete with a shower. You also get comfortable leather seats, gas cooktop, microwave and fridge. There is ample head space and the vehicle is beautiful to look at.  Image Credit

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